How can you differentiate yourself from competitors in 2021 ?

How can you differentiate yourself from competitors?

How can you differentiate yourself from competitors?


Conflict or competition is something that is destined to be eternal, and it is undeniably human nature, the simplest evidence of which is that you search fervently and try very hard to distinguish yourself and your own business from other competitors – I as a writer want to be the most distinguished among others, and you as a business owner want to become the best; Therefore, we have prepared for you a rich meal of information that will help you, God willing, to achieve this goal.

1 – Start with yourself first


You are a mirror of your work and project, and it is never right to care about the outside and leave the inside empty. I know you passed this stage successfully, but I wanted to mention it as a reminder to some; There are those who establish themselves as a scientist in a field and he himself has not been able to achieve tangible results in it – these are called semi-educated, such as the one who explains to others how to make profit from the Internet when he did not make any profit in the first place.

Starting with yourself is first of all other directions. If, for example, your project is based on the introduction of WordPress templates, the first intuitive step is to learn the skill of designing, developing and creating WordPress templates, and there is Arabic academic content now that fully qualifies you for this task to accomplish this task, such as the Hassob Academy or Arwaq and Edraak and others One of the Arab education platforms.

Or even assembling a team of professionals who can do this work, and I would rather – even if you are good at creating WordPress templates in this case – to gather around you the smart and skilled; These creative people will push you forward with their experience, ambition, and creativity.

The first step to overcoming the competitor is to build yourself, build your project, build the work team to suit the project you will present, and if you master this step and succeed in overcoming it, I guarantee you – God willing – sure success.

How can you differentiate yourself from competitors?

2- Market Study

The market consists of sellers, customers, a commodity, and a reputation that floats one seller and drowns another, and the study of the market must take note of all these aspects; The study of competing sellers can be summed up in two things: studying their advantages, disadvantages, and customer opinions about them, and studying their products in order to provide products with better advantages, fewer defects, or the worst conditions with the same capabilities.

As for the client study, it is done by studying more than one matter, such as:

The necessary customer needs that will drive him to buy your product
The customer’s desires that will drive him to prefer your product over other products
The customer’s interests, vision and requirements for the product he wants

You can summarize the client’s study into a simple sentence, which is to enter his mind to know exactly what he wants, then present it to him and follow up and build a good reputation to create trust between you and him.

3- Get rid of blemishes first

As a customer, I can bear the loss of a feature in your product, especially if all products lack this feature, but I will not tolerate that there is a single defect. We represent the matter with two WordPress blog templates, one of them has many features but is very slow in browsing, and the other template has fewer features but is very fast … Here the client will control his mind a little to find that he does not need all those features that are in the first template and the very slow browsing will create a strong psychological barrier He has an urgent need to get rid of this defect, and if he makes up his mind more, he may find that the characteristics of the second template are sufficient and he will find a distinctive template because it does not have the defect of slowness, which will push him to choose the second template with its few advantages, and leave the first template with its serious defect.

You are dealing with human clients, so you must understand their instincts and natures, and the client in the previous example will have a desire to combine the advantages of the first template with the speed of the second template, and this is a sure chance for you to succeed in creating a new WordPress template.

4 – Add an advantage and one step ahead of the competition

If your product is compared with other products, the customer will choose the least defective, we have eliminated the defects of the product in the previous step, but what if all the products have no defects? The customer’s permission will count the features and capabilities that each product provides to him; If all the templates are fast, it will search which one is compatible with SEO, for example, and if they are all like that, it will search for which one can customize the pages and shape the site as he wants, and so on until one template outperforms another.
5 – Talk to your customers directly

Do not live in a palace high in the mountains, but live next to your clients, if you can rent a room next to their living room, do so; You will get to know their capabilities, their desires, their urgent and non-urgent needs. Speak to them and tell them what they are looking for, and decorate their words in a large frame on the wall before you; It is the roadmap to your success if you want to succeed.

6 – What’s important to you, not important to the customer

You must believe that your goals are yours and that the client will only care about his goals; Have you seen someone buy a product from you to achieve your goal? No, he has goals he wants to achieve and your product will save him time, give him an advantage, save him from the trouble of work, save him time, effort and money, and keep him in the competition that you are looking for as well; Therefore, I strongly advise you that your marketing message be based on serving the client’s goals and not your own. You must explain to him what value will be added to his work if he buys your product and not yours. You will sell your product and you will become the most powerful wrestler who either learns and constantly develops or beats a wrestler who collects the threads of the game and excels in an instant.

Hence the importance of studying the market; From it, you will learn about the defects of other products and you will learn about their advantages as well, and in the market you will find your customers, and you will find competitors trying to get your target customers with ferocity, and there is no way to succeed and defeat them except with science and development accompanied by this science, and perseverance to achieve success.

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